Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ancestral Spotlight

Because Mom & Dad's blog is more of a Family History blog I thought I'd spotlight different family members that we have learned about and share the stories and inspiration our ancestors have left us. Everyone has a story we can learn from, why not begin with those who came before us. I will try and put out weekly spotlights, we'll see how it goes. So I'll start with an ancestor that many might not be familiar with.
Cassius Monroe Webster

b. 1 Nov 1851 in Jersey Co, Illinois
d. 13 Feb 1941 in Visalia, California
m. 21 Sept 1871 in Pike Co., IL to Annie Mary Howard

Cassius and Mary had 13 children, only about 5 living through adulthood. He is the 2nd great grandfather to Dad (Rick). Cassius worked for the California National Park Services and co-founded Crystal Cave in the Kings Canyon National Park. He and a co-worker were fishing on their day off and came upon a cave. As they investigated they found something truely remarkable.

Two summers ago Trent and I took the kids to go see the findings of their 4th great grandfather and it really is a neat place to visit. It's kind of fun to say "Hey, my grandfather discovered that," knowing hundreds of people go and visit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From Ireland to Ohio

Escaping the horrible potato famine in Ireland. John Devlin immigrated to the US. Making roots first in West Virginia then settling in Bowling Green, Ohio. We find that he was of some importance there although we can't figure out why. We see this because of the location and size of his grave marker. It is the tallest one in the cemetery and located on the top of the hill. The only hill in the Union Hill Cemetery. It was very fun to see grave marker's with actual names we see on paper. It's just another confirmation that these people who we have grown to love actually existed. It was fun to see where they lived and imgaine them walking where we walked. (Disclaimer: this site is kept up by Brenna, so if it is a little confusing trying to understand whose talking that is why. When talking of grandparents I put it in Dad's/Rick's perspective.)Down Town Bowling Green A pretty building. Ended up being the Court houseLincoln outside the Bowling Green Library
Grandma (Imogene) Devlin's House. After grandpa died she sold the farm (since my dad had no desire to farm) and moved into the city.

This is the Devlin plot. (Nephew and family to John the immigrant) in Oak Grove cemetery. This is located in the middle of Bowling Green University's campus.

Union Hill Cemetery

A picture of John the immigrants grave stone the tallest one at an angle.

The Devlin Family Farm

This farm house was built by my grandfather, Claud Devlin. Me, Nate & Lincoln standing in front of it.

A view of the 80 acre farm

Another view of the 80 acre farm. The house that John the immigrant built is somewhere around here.

Waterville/Toledo, Ohio

The backside of Elisha Whitcomb's House. My 3rd great grandfather..

This is a hotel my 2 great grandparents, Francis Whitcomb & Martha Slutz Whitcomb ran. Has original door handles and hoarse post.

Me in front of the Columbia House

View of part of the Ohio canal system. John the immigrant helped work on these

This is a picture of an elementry school. Very intersting. It was built during the depression. A little intimidating if you ask me.

"the son of the immigrant returns"

Coalisland in Gaelic

At Armagh

A beautiful picture of heather

Our family, Left to Right: Malachy, Dad, Bridget, Peter


This is the house that Patrick built. The Devlin family is very proud of all that Patrick had done and was able to accomplish. For it's time it was a large house.

This is the Brocagh Chapel. It's the church closest to the Drumhubbert house. This is likely the church attended by the Devlin's of Drumhubbert, like Patrick, his father Thomas, and my gggrandfather John.